Gleematic as Finalist at OTEC, Beijing

Christopher and Ada showcased Gleematic solution in 2019 as a finalist in OTEC Global Startup Contest. Our team was one of the top finalists at OTEC Startup Contest 

Gleematic is on the list of “Excellent Project of 2019 OTEC Global Startup Contest’ and one of the “Most Popular Project” in the 2019 OTEC Global Startup Contest – Final Competition, which was held in Beijing (Chaoyang District), China on 26th-29th July 2019.

Glee Trees was shortlisted and given the opportunity to pitch among various startups in Singapore on 17th May 2019, and therefore chosen to represent Singapore as a finalist at OTEC APAC Semi-Finals in Kunming, China on 28th-30th May 2019. The shortlisted startups would go to finals in Beijing, and it was tremendous pride for Gleematic to have this opportunity.

OTEC APAC Pitch Competition itself was co-organized by Investible (an early-stage investment group headquartered in Sydney, Australia) which partnered with Chaoyang (Beijing) Government. OTEC stands for “Overseas Talent Entrepreneurship Conference” and aims to offer entrepreneurs with various forms of resources, including but not limited to talents, projects, technologies, markets, capitals, policies and services, working spaces and products, and to make Chaoyang district as the top choice for overseas entrepreneurs.

As a Singapore-born pioneer in Cognitive Automation / Robotic Process Automation with Artificial Intelligence, Gleematic is proud to pitch globally together with many other amazing startups. Gleematic was awarded the “Outstanding Project” as one of the Finalists of the Global round, also among the TOP 5 in the “Belt and Road” segment (comprising Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, and Israel) by Beijing government.

It was such a tremendous honor for Gleematic to take part in such a remarkable pitch competition after being the top winner in Singapore round. We are hoping that we can have the same chances in future initiatives to spread our wings widely outside Singapore.