In collaboration with iFLYTEK Co., Ltd., XNode 创极无限 organized the “A.I. for Intelligent Lifestyle” Challenge on 27th October 2021. The challenge is open to all Singapore-based AI developers or founders with relevant technology innovations for commercialization.


iFLYTEK Co., Ltd., is a renowned intelligent speech and artificial intelligence public listed company with a market capitalization of US$19 billion. The company creates responsible products that improve healthcare and education. Well-placed to be the next AI heavyweight after the tech giants Alibaba Group, Tencent, and Baidu, Inc., iFLYTEK’s technology is being used by universities around the world, Intel, Alibaba, Huawei, and British Council, and even the Ministry of Education in Singapore. The company has been ranked the “Sixth Smartest Company in the World” (after SpaceX, Amazon, and Alphabet Inc.) in 2017 by MIT Technology Review and “50 Most Innovative Companies 2019” by Forbes.

Gleematic Pitching

At the final round of pitching, our Co-Founder, Ada Lim, delivered how A.I. (AI-driven automation) could transform business operations and bring greater efficiency as well as improved productivity. She also elaborated how Gleematic Cognitive Automation can work with iFLYTEK Co., Ltd. technologies to ease their heavy workload. She was able to convince the judges that our solutions can be implemented to support many areas of their business.

We are so proud to receive second place as the winner! Congratulations to Tictag as the first place winner and great pitching presented by TopView! We thank iFLYTEK Co., Ltd. and XNode 创极无限 as the respected organizers for granting us the chance to participate in this challenge.