Gleematic A.I at Accounting & Finance Show Asia 2019

For the second time, Gleematic A.I joined Accounting and Finance Show Asia – Asia’s largest accounting and finance event. The event was held at Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore on 8th-9th October 2019.

To be a large conference and exhibition for professionals in business practices, Accounting & Finance Show Asia 2019 emerged as a showcase of world’s best and latest accounting & finance technology as solutions in the business, allowing participants to build network with professionals attendees also to conduct live demos where potential buyers can assess solutions for their addressed business roadblocks.

Gleematic joined with over 100 exhibitors to meet over 3,500 attendees from business professionals, not only from accounting and finance but also from HR and other business sectors. As the event was co-located with other sub-event from the same organizer such as HR & Learning Show Asia and Business & Financing Show Asia, Gleematic had an opportunity to welcome business professionals from a wide range of sectors.

Most of the attendees who met us were looking for a solution that can help them improve in the way they make their work more productive. A lot of professionals who came to meet Gleematic would face time-consuming, repetitive, and mundane tasks due to their manual business processing. For example, they have a lot of database in the form of documents which they would need to handle but would take much time if handled manually. Also, there were some cases where the workflows for a certain task would be a complex long process that drains more time and energy to do manually. Eventually, they could assess a solution to their operational challenges by exploring more about what Gleematic A.I can do.

Gleematic cognitive automation has capabilities as a virtual worker or co-colleague for business practices to make their work easier and faster. Gleematic can eliminate the rules-based tasks, and especially automate their complex and long workflows to achieve a productive yield in a shorter time. Gleematic can re-design the manual processings that are too complex and take much time to do, into a more efficient workflow in terms of cost, time, and energy.

A lot of business professionals and practices who met us were worried about how to operate Gleematic A.I, since not many of them were a tech expert. In fact, as a benefit of using Gleematic cognitive automation as your virtual co-worker, users don’t have to be a tech expert who knows to the program to set up automation scripts. Any users can operate Gleematic because Gleematic doesn’t require a complicated code or programming in setting up automation scripts. It just works simply by mimicking mouse clicks and keyboard strokes, in which we can design where and how Gleematic works in a form of simple automation scripts.

Most of the people who were interested in Gleematic were wondering whether Gleematic application was limited to only one specific business sector. It turned out Gleematic could be applied in a wide range of sectors, especially accounting, finance, and HR-tech. Gleematic can automate many types of workflow in certain business sectors, therefore hiring Gleematic as a co-worker could help to save more energy, time, and cost compared to do work manually.

In a nutshell, it’s important to define the aim desired of implementing automation in your business. We would need to map out which workflows where we would use cognitive automation to start automating the whole process.

Gleematic team hopes by taking part as exhibitors that showcase a cutting-edge technology as a solution which leverages automation in business processes, many business counterparts will also consider to leverage automation to transform their business in a more digitized way.

Written by: Kezia Nadira