We are back again to join AIBotics 2022 Go-Digital Series! This year, the event was conducted on-site. This was the first time for us to join AIBotics 2022 physically, given that we first joined the event in last when it was conducted virtually due to the pandemic. AIBotics 2022 happened 23-24 August at Raffles Town Club, Singapore.

About AIBotics 2022

This year’s focus was “Collaborating with Robots and Augmented Intelligence”. This event focuses to look ahead for future of technology, future work, and future skills. “Future of technology” aims to seek and explore tech-innovators that will change how we work, live, and play – technologies that augment human capability and potential. “Future Work” is about AI and Robotics technologies in digital transformation that will reshape the business landscape. “Future Skills” means skills of the future required to leverage, supervise, and co-create innovations for a better quality of life.

AIBotics 2022 was conducted as a hybrid event with a 2-days convention. The event brought together international experts from more than 30 countries to discuss how technology can be leveraged to augment human capabilities and potential. Both conference and exhibition will look into the discovery, development, and deployment of technology in the future of work.

There were also numerous conferences that explored techniques, methodologies, and case studies in the adoption of AI and robotic technology in a wide range of industry segments. The objective was to better assess the readiness, capacity, and journey of the digital transformation.

Senior Minister of State, Tan Kiat How was the VIP and gave a speech on the opening ceremony of AIBotics 2022

Showcasing Gleematic Cognitive Automation

We took part as one of the exhibitors, playing the part as tech-innovators specializing in cognitive automation solution. AIBotics 2022 was an event highlighting on the use of AI and robotics technologies to improve and transform the way business across the globe runs, and our relevancy was we provide automation technology that is augmented by artificial intelligence.

Our purpose of participation at AIBotics 2022 was not just solely to gain extensive publicity from industry players and leaders or stakeholders that were involved, but also to learn about existing technology and how to leverage on it. We learned and explored new technology trends from fellow tech-innovators, and the emerging challenges that required solution.

Showcasing Gleematic at AIBotics 2022

We welcomed people who attended our booth. We showcased Gleematic as an AI-powered automation to help companies looking for a solution to their manual and repetitive tasks. Not limited to rules-based tasks that can be automated, Gleematic leverages on artificial intelligence that it has the ability to automate even the most complicated tasks that usually require human knowledge and intervention. This includes processes that require human decision-making ability. For example, data analytics with Machine Learning that can be used by banks and financial institutions to speed up the loan approval process with AI Machine Learning. For marketing and sales, people can leverage on automation with Natural Language Processing to do insightful research from their target market or improve customer engagements.

Gleematic booth at AIBotics 2022

Skilling Up to be Citizen Developers for AI-automation

Christopher Lim, CEO of Gleematic (Glee Trees), was given an opportunity to talk on the second day of AIBotics 2022. The topic brought was “Skilling up to be Citizen Developers for AI Automation” that aimed to unfold what are the important skills needed in order to work with AI-powered automation. The expected key takeaways from this talk were:

  • Understanding the trend of citizen developers
  • Identifying yourself as citizen developer
  • How AI-automation works
  • Understanding skills required to deploy automation projects, in order to become a citizen developer
  • Step by step in starting automation project that includes the process selection, process mapping, etc.

What is Citizen Developer?

Citizen Developer is the term that refers to individuals with the ability to design, create, and build computer programs or applications without needing to know programming languages, by leveraging on “no-code” or “low-code” tools with pre-build capabilities.

What are the characteristics of Citizen Developer?

Here are some characteristics of citizen developers:

  • Non-technical individuals, with no experience or training in software development
  • Most likely the employees in the business: analysts, project managers, operation managers, etc.
  • Rely on no-code or low-code tools to develop programs or applications
  • Enthusiastic to use technology to get their work done efficiently
  • Have a strong understanding of the business and processes involved
  • Have a desire to learn and create

Here are the four characteristics of successful citizen developers:

4 characteristics of successful citizen developers

Why Citizen Developers?

AI-powered automation is shaking the business across the world, enforcing the shift in how people run their business.  With this technology, people work smarter and will have greater benefits for their business. However, the question is, are we ready to work along with AI? What are the important skills we need to expertise in order to work with AI-enabled automation? How do we become “citizen developer”, to create smarter working environment?

Here is how we summarize the factors that urge the rise of citizen developers:

The urges for the rise of citizen developers

How to be a Citizen Developer?

Christopher Lim summarized 4 core steps to become a citizen developer:

  1. Get to know your ecosystem
  2. Define challenges and bottle-neck problems
  3. Explore tools to solve the matters
  4. Take the initiatives to learn and try

Building Strategy to Implement Automation Projects

Christopher Lim also included how to build strategy to deploy successful automation projects. We have summarized his talk on how to implement successful automation projects here.

Read about how to build strategy for successful automation projects.

We thank the organizer of AIBotics 2022, Asia Pacific Assistive Robotics Association (APARA) for having us. It was a splendid time we had during the 2-days event, and to take part in the insightful event, that pares and explores technology-driven opportunities to prepare the future, aligned with our vision to empower people to transform their business operations with cutting-edge technology.

Written by: Kezia Nadira