On Tuesday 5 April, Gleematic attended the MarineTech Conference at Singapore Maritime Week 2022. With Gleematic’s CEO, Christopher Lim, being a speaker at the conference, he shared his view on digitalisation in maritime. This exhibition and conference is made possible by Maritime and Port Authority of  Singapore. With MarineTech being rebranded from the Singapore Maritime Technology, this conference focuses on innovation, digitalisation and partnership.

The focus of MarineTech Conference is to bring global industry leaders and stakeholders together, as well as to discuss some of the key growth ares for start-up showcases, investments and new technology trends on maritime technology.

Dr. Bireshwar Kuma speaks on Cyber Security

Dr. Bireshwar Kumar is one of the speakers who shared his views on Cyber Security. Dr. Kumar stated that we are still not sure whether it is 100% secure with the sensors and data. While navigation is very much automated with GPS and plotting, it is not easy to trick the GPS without AI taking over completely. Therefore, audience navigator would still need to be quite involved. 

MarineTech speakers: Christopher Lim (right) & Dr. Bireshwar Kuma (left)

The Challenge of Integrating Automation on Ship – What do Owners Want?

Gleematic’s CEO Christopher shared his views on the challenge of integrating automation on ship and what owners want. Gleematic being a cognitive automation software can aid in owners in automation and digitalisation. ’Any project has risks’, Christopher said. Owners may not realise that we are short time. There is the need to quantify how much spent on each system. For example Fire system, propulsion etc. All of these expenses and additional steps can be added up.

What to prepare before automation?

‘Have an objective for automation’, Christopher added. Before incorporating automation into the work process, we need to identify which process can bring more value and think about what outcomes are desired from automated projects. Is it so that crew can get more rest time to sleep? Or for work to be done faster? Owners would need to identify these and conduct their Cost Benefit Analysis before automation. 

What do owner expect from the automation and why they are looking for automation?

It is crucial to have an automated server that can connect all of the different vessel systems and interfaces, as if it’s working as the ‘nervous system of the ship’. This can help collect information from the different vessel systems and communicates them to the shore-based owner. Christopher also emphasises the importance of data collection. Data is the new oil. Take it as saving, then we can monetise by analysing later.

We would like to thank the organisers for this opportunity to speak on the MarineTech Conference, in order for us to share the importance of maritime digitisation with automation.