Gleematic’s founders, Christopher Lim and Ada Lim, participated in the Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) StartupTechnology Showcase, on 24 November 2022 at Marina Bay Sands. 

This event featured more than 30 startups showcasing how their technologies could help shipping businesses with their challenges with applied A.I. It was an exciting day as the event was attended by many participants and guests.

SSA 2022 Year End Cocktail Reception

About Singapore Shipping Association (SSA)

The SSA represents a wide spectrum of shipping companies and other businesses allied to the shipping industry. It is a national trade association formed in 1985 to serve and promote the interests of its members and to enhance the competitiveness of Singapore as an International Maritime Centre.

SSA is a trusted advisor and partner to related government agencies. SSA also collaborates with the shipping industry key stakeholders while actively involved in promoting the interests of shipping in Singapore and internationally.

Ada Lim and guest at Gleematic A.I.’s Booth

Gleematic A.I. in Logistics

Gleematic A.I. have helped many logistics businesses transform their work processes to be more productive and efficient. Allowing workers to save time and allocate work hours in completing more calue added tasks.

By automating a wide variety of work processes, shipping businesses can save cost while increase work productivity. With Gleematic A.I. , processes such as generating Lead Reports, Goods Receipts and extracting data from Bills of Loading can be easily automated without coding.

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Gleematic team would like to thank SSA and all organisers for this opportunity to showcase Gleematic A.I. in the Startup Technology Showcase. We had a wonderful time meeting the participants and hope to help more businesses with Gleematic A.I. Cognitive Automation.

Written by: Reiko Anjani