XNode and Enterprise Singapore signed a memorandum of understanding on promoting the interaction between the China-Singapore entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem at the first meeting of the Shanghai-Singapore Comprehensive Cooperation Council in Since 2019. On April 24, 2023, the fourth meeting of the Shanghai-Singapore Comprehensive Cooperation Council was held in Singapore, with Gleematic AI being one of the participating companies in this event.

(Image by XNode)

In this year’s business matching, Gong Zheng, Mayor of Shanghai, Chairman of the Shanghai-Singapore Comprehensive Cooperation Council, Wong Lawrence, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Singapore, Tong Zhenhui, Chairman of the Singapore side of the Shanghai-Singapore Council, and Minister of Culture, Community and Youth, etc., witnessed the two places jointly The signing of 15 cooperation agreements in the fields of extensive consultation, joint construction and sharing of the “Belt and Road”, financial services, scientific and technological innovation, and cultural exchanges.

About XNode

XNode is an innovation platform that connects startups and corporates to drive innovation and digital transformation. Based in China, XNode operates startup acceleration programs, innovation consulting services, and corporate innovation partnerships across industries such as healthcare, finance, and retail. XNode aims to foster collaboration between startups and corporates to drive innovation and growth.

About Enterprise Singapore

Enterprise Singapore is a government agency that supports the growth of Singaporean companies by providing funding, grants, and support services. Enterprise Singapore helps companies expand their business overseas and promotes international trade and partnerships. As part of its efforts to support Singaporean companies, Enterprise Singapore also organizes business matching events to connect Singaporean companies with potential partners and clients overseas.

Enterprise Singapore Business Matching program

The Enterprise Singapore Business Matching program is a service that connects Singaporean companies with potential business partners and clients overseas. Through this program, Singaporean companies can participate in targeted business matching events and networking opportunities, where they can meet potential partners and clients and explore new business opportunities.

This program aims to connect Singaporean startups and companies with the Chinese market. The program provides support for Singaporean companies to enter the Chinese market and facilitates business matching and partnership opportunities with Chinese companies. Through this Program, companies can access resources, networks, and expertise to drive innovation and growth in the Chinese market.

Written by: Reiko Anjani