On September 6-7, Gleematic team participated in the final round of the GTR Ventures Tradetech Showcase 2022. Our entry was selected as the Top 4 Finalists for this pitching competition!

GTR Ventures Tradetech Showcase 2022 Finalists
(Top 4 Finalists of GTR Ventures Tradetech Showcase 2022)

GTR Tradetech Showcase has the best in the future of trade finance to give the most innovative startups in the trade world a chance to pitch their business models to top leaders in the industry.

Many promising startups, industry leaders and banks and financial institutions from all around the world are invited to take part.

(Christopher Lim as the presenter for Glee Trees’ entry)

Christopher Lim, CEO of Gleematic, presented on stage about how Cognitive Automation can transform work processes in Trade Finance.

An existing challenges in Trade Finance is around 40% of time is spent on administrative tasks. These work processes are very common during accessing and checking different documents & Silo I.T. systems.

Gleematic A.I. is able to transform the manual and time-consuming tasks to be automated. This allows enterprises to use the saved time, cost and labour on other more value added tasks. We have had experiences in serving companies from various industries, such as Banking, Insurance, Logistics and many more.

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We were very excited and grateful for this opportunity to share more about how Cognitive Automation can transform work processes in Trade Finance. We’d like to thank the organisers and fellow finalists for bringing together a wonderful event.