On 15 August, Gleematic team had a chance to deliver and share knowledge about RPA with AI at the event organized by Gunadarma University and Kampus Merdeka. This hybrid event was co-facilitated by our partner, PT Aman Media Interaktif.

Gleematic team, Benarivo Abdullah delivered insightful sharing about “Robotic Process Automation with Artificial Intelligence and The Implementation in Industry”.

With the brought topic, some of the expected key take-aways are:

– Understanding RPA and Artificial Intelligence – what they are, the solution they bring for our daily tasks, and how they work

– Figuring out the challenges as the background why RPA needs to be enhanced with AI, and how these two work together

– Real-life use-cases and the possible implementation of this technology in the industry.

Gleematic have been dedicated to bring user-friendly Cognitive Automation throughout Asia. We have been helping multiple companies in wide variety of industries to help save cost and man-power hour in order to increase work efficiency. We are dedicated to improve work life for office workers and would like to spread knowledge and information about Cognitive Automation.

We hope that from this event, many people would acknowledge the benefit and importance this technology brings. We hope that what was delivered by our team inspired the attendees to know more about this trend of technology.

We sincerely thank Gunadarma University, Kampus Merdeka, and PT Aman Media Interaktif for organizing the event and having us!