We are thrilled to announce that Gleematic has been selected to be part of The GEAR Community Access Programme, an initiative hosted by Kajima Corporation, a pioneer in construction innovation and real estate development with a legacy spanning nearly two centuries.

The GEAR: Kajima Lab for Global Engineering, Architecture & Real Estate stands as a beacon of innovation, driving solutions through co-creation and collaboration with like-minded stakeholders. Situated at the forefront of the built environment in Asia, The GEAR is more than just a physical structure; it’s a testament to Kajima’s global R&D vision and innovation initiative.

The GEAR Community Access Programme offers exclusive opportunities for partner organizations and individuals, providing access to selected workspaces and facilities within The GEAR. It serves as a platform to showcase products and solutions, while also fostering connections within the built environment ecosystem network.

For startups eager to test-bed solutions, corporates seeking to tap into a network of startups and ecosystem, and other stakeholders including investors, regulators, and academic institutions, The GEAR Community Access Programme offers a collaborative platform to catalyze innovation and drive impactful change.

As part of this esteemed programme, the Gleematic team is excited to leverage this opportunity to showcase the transformative power of Cognitive Automation software like Gleematic. We are eager to contribute to the ongoing innovation within The GEAR and look forward to collaborating with fellow participants to revolutionize office work processes.

Together with Kajima and The GEAR community, we are committed to advancing innovation and shaping the future of office work process automation.