Hi there, good news! Gleematic has made some improvements to the  latest version of the software, updating some looks and features to be better than before. This latest update will also make you easier to navigate anything while using the software. Gleematic really hopes this version can make you work better with the software.
This version of Gleematic is 20210201LTS. Using this version, you will get much better experience from the previous one. In this version, the Gleematic software’s appearance is changed to be neater, making it easier to navigate while you’re using it. With this update, you and all the Gleematic users can better understand features and functions that were hard to understand previously.

New Features

New Look

  • Tooltips: A button to explain how a particular function works.
  • Asterisk mark (*) to indicate that the file is unsaved.
  • Community Library: A forum where you can upload/ download/ share cognitive automation scripts with other Gleematic users.
  • Unlimited license key via Control Tower.
  • New license key format that enables more fine-tuning for end-users (e.g. hide/show modules, limiting function calls)
  • Ability to add comments seamlessly into steps inside the script.
  • Add explorer for quick preview on the assigned variable, list, and dictionary

Menu Bar Tools

  • Flowchart: new option that enables user to export the flowchart as image
  • Stop Schedules: new option that enables users to stop the current stipulated schedules to run the script
  • Ability to have multiple schedules running from different tabs
  • Script Recording to Logging System: New tool under “Settings –> File Management” that enables user to do recording while the script is running. The recording will be subsequently exported as video file.
  • Clear text, image, and video log functionalities on the setting screen
  • Edge Detection: New tool under “Settings –> Advanced” that is adjustable as needed to detect any type of icons on screen with higher accuracy.
cognitive automation software

New Functions and Features


  • Multiple OCR Engine: Users can now choose an OCR tool between “LSTM” (single OCR engine) and “Multi” option. The “Multi” option allows users to tap on the power of multiple OCR engines embedded in Gleematic.
  • “Merge PDF” option when applying OCR on images, this option can be used to merge all the multiple output of PDFs into one document.

PDF Extraction

  • Spellchecker: Automatically check spelling of text for PDF extraction during export to Excel 
  • ‘Distance’ option for spellchecker: defines actions to be taken by the robot to check and correct the spelling.
  • “Up” and “Down” button for Excel column arrangement for PDF extraction export to Excel purpose.
  • Generate out PDF accuracy for PDF predict 
  • “Generate Label from File” function to automatically label PDF files that have been OCR-ed by using the label names from inputted file.

CSV New Functions

  • “Cell Action” is a merged-function that provides options for users to select treatment upon a cell in a file.
  • “Get Range” function allows users to get or extract data that is located within a specified range in a file. 
  • “Create Workbook” function allows users to automatically create a workbook of an file.
  • “Create Sheet” function allows users to automatically create a sheet inside a file that is currently open on the screen.
  • “Switch Sheet” is a function users can use to make the robot switch to a certain sheet of a file when the script is running.
  • Add ‘Save Every Changes’ option on “Open” and “Open Variable” functions, that saves every changes users made on the file during the scripting process.


  • Easier way to take a screenshot by using offset in “Search for Icon” function. 
  • All wait icon options are merged as “Wait Icon Series” that can be found under “Wait Section” function
  • Additional Indonesian Sentiment Analysis for “Text Analytic” features
  • Added new feature option for “Fuzzy Compare” function (Stroke, Radical, Character) for “Text Analytic” features
  • Added ‘reload’ option to label images on the “Label Images” function that enables users to make changes or edit the image labelling instead of creating from scratch.
  • Added new feature on image detection where it can detect edits or changes made on an image. This algorithm automatically detects the presence and number of edits made to the original image. This feature will be useful to detect forgery or fraud created through image-manipulation.


  • Browse button UI
  • New color for steps on the script designer.
  • Moved the Edit panel to the left-side of functions menu, that users can expand or collapse.
  •  Steps with error are now highlighted red.
  • Text on “Browse Model” button for “Denoise Images” function.
  • Changed the Excel configuration UI on PDF Extraction export.
  • Script now stops when encountering an error in “Custom Script” step.
  • Right-click menu now shows up near the user’s mouse.
  • Export Word document template made more user-friendly.
  • New localization files for languages.
cognitive automation software

Enhancement of Existing Features

Gleematic has also made enhancements for your better experience, there are several changes in this version such as more robust and faster response, UI enhancements for better user-friendliness, as well as smoother importing of RPA files. Some features are also has changed as below:

  • Algorithm improvement for OCR and Intelligent Document Extraction.
  • “Wait Color Area” function: enhanced.
  • Backwards.
  • compatibility issues resolved.
  • Module tooltips and arrow interfaces enhanced.
  • Get server variable returns “binary” instead of “string”.
  • Creating new file synced with tab variable list.
  • “PDF Labelling” function: ID update when deleting task.
  • Enhancement in PDF Extraction for language setting to id/vi (Bahasa/Vietnamese).
  • “OCR Bet Img” and “Compare Images” functions enhanced.
  • “For Item List” function enhanced.
  • “Find All Elements” function: enhanced.
  • “Train Labels” function enhanced.
  • Detects empty field or multiple values in “Generate Label From Excel” function.
  • Support for field that contains multiline text in “Generate Label From Excel” function.

That’s all for the renewal and improvement in the quality of functions in Gleematic Software, which has changed a lot from before. Gleematic is now able to do more but also much easier to understand. By these improvements, you can now choose Gleematic as the best software to help make your work much easier.