Our CEO, Christopher Lim, and Co-founder, Ada Lim, attended LogiSYM Asia Pacific 2022, a two-day hybrid conference hosted on 24 & 25 May 2022 as a Digital and Physical event. LogiSYM Asia Pacific brought together shippers, manufacturers, 3PLs, forwarders, logistics professionals, educators and technology solutions providers from around Asia.

In this event, we had the opportunity to show how technology can be combined with supply chain concepts. Our Gleematic Cognitive Automation software have helped many companies across Asia in various industries, such as Logistics, Manufacturing and Healthcare. 

Gleematic’s booth at LogiSYM Asia Pacific 2022 Conference

With the help of Cognitive Automation, supply chain related tasks can be automated with improved productivity and accuracy. Gleematic is able to process a lot of high volume work tasks, such as Intelligent document processing, data extraction and office admin work. 

Ever since the pandemic, a lot of supply chain related companies experience decreasing labour force and shipping/production delays. Avoiding delays while empowering employees at work, Gleematic can help companies decrease costs and ensure work efficiency.

We thank all the organisers and participants for an insightful experience.