Our Co-Founder, Ada Lim, is standing in the middle winning OTEC APAC pre-pitch phase

Gleematic has, again, spread its wings to pitch at OTEC APAC 2019. Preliminarily, Gleematic was shortlisted and given opportunity to pitch among various startups in Singapore on 17th May 2019. Ultimately, Gleematic is honoured to represent Singapore at OTEC APAC 2019 Semi-Finals in China.

OTEC APAC Pitch Competition is hosted by Investible partnered with Chaoyang (Beijing) Government. Investible is hosting a series of pitch events in Australia and Asia, to identify the top startups who will be given the opportunity to pitch to entrepreneurs, angel investors, corporates, and VCs at OTEC, Beijing, in August. There are 20 overseas entrepreneurship competitions in Eastern U.S., Seattle, Chicago, Silicon Valley, Sydney, Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, Israel, Japan, Singapore, London, Germany, Finland and other cities.

The aim of OTEC is to offer entrepreneurs with various forms of resources, including but not limited to talents, projects, technologies, markets, capitals, policies and services, working spaces and products, and to make Chaoyang district as the top choice for overseas entrepreneurs.

As a Singapore-born pioneer in Cognitive Automation / Robotic Process Automation with Artificial Intelligence, Gleematic is proud to be chosen to represent Singapore in OTEC APAC 2019 Semi-Finals in Kunming, China on 28th – 30th May. Those who get shortlisted after will proceed to OTEC finals in Beijing on July.

However, Gleematic team is sincerely thankful for the organizer for hosting this event and giving a very valuable and bright opportunity to us.

Wish us luck for the semi-finals!