Gleematic recently partipated at the recently concluded Singapore Buisness Federation(SBF) Transformation Showcase 2024. This event aimed to be a game-changer for tech enthusiasts, business owners, and individuals keen on delving into the ever-evolving world of digitalization.

About the Event

The SBF Transformation Showcase 2024 was a unique opportunity for attendees to explore the latest trends and innovations shaping businesses not only in Singapore but globally. This showcase catered to a diverse audience, including decision-makers, professionals steering digital transformation initiatives, and tech enthusiasts eager to stay abreast of cutting-edge tools and trends.

Program Highlights

Attendees had the opportunity to:

  • Access Cutting-edge Knowledge: Gain insights into the latest digitalization trends and expertise that can transform businesses.
  • Utilize Resources for Digital Transformation Journeys: Learn how to effectively leverage resources for a successful digital transformation journey.
  • Learn about Digitalization Tools: Explore the practical aspects of incorporating digitalization tools into your business strategy.

Presentation Highlights

Gleematic team was there to present two captivating sessions:

1. “SME Digital Transformation: Journey through the JDP Programme”

  • Dived into the practical steps and success stories of SMEs navigating the digital landscape through the JDP (Digitalisation for SMEs) program.

2. “Practical & Effective Strategies for Successful SMEs Digitalization”

  • Uncovered strategies that have proven to be effective for SMEs looking to embrace digitalization and enhance their operational efficiency.

Target Audience

  • Decision-makers and Leaders: Seeking to harness the benefits of digitalization for their organizations.
  • Professionals Involved in Digital Transformation Initiatives: Gained valuable insights and strategies to steer their organizations through a successful digital transformation.
  • Technology Enthusiasts and Experts: Stayed at the forefront of the digital landscape by exploring the latest tools and trends.

Thank You

Gleematic extends heartfelt thanks to the organizers and participants of the SBF Transformation Showcase 2024. We are excited about attending more events like this in the future. Gleematic remains committed to sharing the power of Cognitive Automation to transform work processes. Stay tuned for more insights and innovations as we continue to navigate the digital landscape together.