We are amid a digital revolution that is rapidly changing our society and economy. The impact will be wider than the Industrial Revolution.

Automation, supported by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), has had a profound impact on our lives every day. Gleematic is one of the automation software makers that is loved by companies in China. So, why is Gleematic so suitable for Chinese companies? Let me illustrate some relevant examples.

First, the user does not have to be in the office to run their operations. With leave users, the business can still run smoothly as usual. It also frees up users to carry out more meaningful tasks such as account management and business development.

There will be a reduction in operational costs as the Gleematic license only imposes a small part of the employee’s annual salary. With better scalability accompanied by cognitive automation, employers need not worry about having to spend more time and resources on recruiting new staff.

Productivity is better because of the higher speed of automation of cognition compared to humans who work manually on long processes.

Our software is available in Chinese, and any end-user with little or no coding knowledge can learn how to manage cognitive automation. With Gleematic making no mistakes, it will improve the reliability and brand image of the company. Gleematic can also use Natural Chinese Language processing to interpret Chinese characters since clients send emails in Mandarin.

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Gleematic robots can work 24 hours every day of the week. This provides greater availability, as automation of any process can be run on weekends or evenings. Your staff no longer need to work overtime to finish up their tasks.

Written by: Zachary