On Wednesday 7 September, Gleematic team collaborated  with Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) on an on-site workshop.

Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) envisions representing Singapore logistics with a mission to promote professionalism and excellence of the logistics industry.

The workshop focused on the automation of office tasks with A.I. and Robotic Process Automation.

In this workshop, attendees gained insights on how you can save up to 70% cost, complete tasks faster and achieve higher accuracy with office-tasks Cognitive Automation.

Gleematic team was honoured to be able to share how Logistics tasks can be automated, resulting a decrease in employee work load and costs. By automating high volume logistics tasks, company will be able to see an increase in work productivity and efficiency .

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Gleematic is helping many Logistics companies with office-tasks automation, including logistics processes such as Container Booking Automation, Leads Report Automation and Goods Receipts Automation.

With Container Booking Automation, Gleematic was able to complete the whole process of form-filling onto government web-portals and also shipping lines’ websites for booking and declarations.

Gleematic can be alerted upon departure/arrival of vessels to get information from government portals. Information from web portals can be retrieved quickly by clicking through various tabs, then be placed into an Excel file and formatted to be sent to end customers.

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We’d like to thank the members of SLA on this collaboration and all of the attendees for participating. We hope to see you soon for our future workshops! For more future updates, please follow Gleematic A.I. on Linkedin.

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Written by: Reiko Anjani