Robotics Process Automation (RPA) refers to software applications (often called robots or bots) that replicate actions or tasks like humans, making them the ideal application for automating repetitive manual tasks. RPA is a game-changer for businesses, as it can minimize the need for human labor in rule-based tasks. On a typical workday, employees spend 10% -25% of their time on repetitive tasks that reduce productivity. A typical rule-based process can be automated up to 80% using Gleematic software. Employees can then shift their focus to more value-added tasks. So how can RPA help you to grow faster and be more productive?

RPA Provides Accuracy

You should not underestimate the benefits of accuracy, or more importantly, the cost of inaccuracy. Human error costs businesses billions of dollars every year. You are prone to making mistakes no matter how skilled you are at the task and how carefully you approach it. The average benchmark for data entry errors in business ranges from 2% to 5%. This is where Gleematic comes in. It is very accurate – it is not susceptible to factors that lead to human error. Your processes and workflows must be optimized and error-free prior to automation, or Gleematic robot will replicate the errors.

RPA Increases Productivity

Gleematic does not take vacations or sick leave. It will not late be late for work, nor will it need breaks. It works tirelessly, all the time with the same level of consistency and accuracy every minute. Gleematic is a productive and efficient model.

RPA Provides Savings

No one can work as fast as a robot or that cheaply – at home or abroad. Gleematic can reduce labour costs from 35% to 65%, and have a return on investment within a few months.

Despite the large savings, it’s important to note here that the goal of Gleematic is not to automate work but to automate tasks – freeing up employees to handle higher volumes of work and focus on higher-value activities.

RPA is Flexible

Gleematic can be applied to any software system. As RPA mimics human actions, it does not involve coding changes to your application, making it flexible and adaptable to nearly any business. Your ERP, CRM, and industry-specific applications are all ideal candidates for Gleematic. Gleematic can work across multiple applications simultaneously, customizing your unique business processes and workflows.

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Written by: Elicia Yeo