As senior management, there are many demands on you. One of the task is to generate reports. As you are the one with access to all the data. Some times, you are the one to review all the main reports.

As a startup, senior management will need to generate the reports.

However, reports, take up valuable time of the senior management

This is where robotic process automation comes in useful?

What are the benefits:

  • Fast
  • No mistakes
  • Security is still under control as none can view the data
  • Accurate
  • On time reports with the scheduling function.

However, some times generating reports can be challenging. The data are not classified into the right categories. In the past, we have to use humans to do the correction.

More often than not we will pardon the work to ourselves as well as other people by bringing up that the month to month report is arranged a lot speedier nowadays as we have been doing it for such a long time and we are utilized to the procedure. For other people, there is the issue of not realizing where to begin or dreading potential expenses.

However, we can make use of cognitive automation.

One of the ways to clean data is to use text classification. We can use text classification to classify natural language (like our English) into the right categories.

This way, we will have a consistent way to classify the data.

This also eliminates the need for humans to review and clean data.

Written by: Christopher Lim