According to data from DJS Research, the global services sector spends more than $5 trillion a year on repetitive activities, spending 69 days on administrative tasks annually. Constructing a productive organization needs resources, time, and energy. However, several routine activities can be automated with technical advances. In this article we will learn how to grow business using automation.

For example, usage of cognitive automation technology that combines rule-based instructions with artificial intelligence, machine-learning and image-recognition. Although manual work has been the conventional solution for doing “administrative tasks” in businesses, automation offers a cheaper, more reliable and productive alternative. Automating repetitive and daily manual routine tasks can help speed up your company’s growth.

Let me give you an example of how cognitive can help you in your marketing and customer service efforts.

How To Grow Business With Automation

  • Predicting campaign success with AI
  • Boost customer experience with automated interactions
  • Automate the process of customer support
  • Automate Marketing Campaigns for Personalized User Experience
  • Enhances the production and processing of lead
  • Save your time in reporting
  • Cost-efficient solution

How to Grow Business: Ways to support your company’s development with automation

Tracking Competitor

Knowing what your competitor is up to is a smart way to ensure that growth opportunities are not overlooked. You will recognize the materials and strategies that may work for your company.

Your team can take advantage of the opportunities to develop elsewhere by using this automated warning. For example, you can use a cognitive robot to track news about a competitor or to get data from websites about their activities. After arming yourself with information, you can change planned advertising campaigns or maybe even fine-tune your product to stand out from your competitors.

Sentiment Analysis

Another way to help the business grow is to encourage brand recognition and positive feedback. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool and a perfect way of building your client base.

Automatic sentiment analysis can support this. That way, you can get alerts that highlight thrilled and loyal customers. Cognitive automation bots with sentiment-analysis capabilities can “read” customer service interactions to detect happy customers or those who are disappointed. From there, you can reach out to customers and follow up with necessary service recovery actions. Or, you can send them a thank-you letter or offer, which might make them talk a little more about you.

To Increase Focus

Hard work and dedication are at the heart of any business growth. Unfortunately, your staff’s dedication may be compromised by constant administrative tasks. With automation tools such as Gleematic to automate repetitive processes, the energy of the staff is no longer wasted on menial tasks. Instead, they have more time to decide, to invent, build and connect. That is to say, tasks that promote your business growth.

Automation is an advanced technology that can make it easier for you to increase the productivity of your company without additional headcount. With automation, you can focus more time on growing your company, instead of worrying about your daily routines. Start with the smallest tasks that can easily be accomplished through automated software or systems like Gleematic to automate the business processes.

Written by: Jimmi Chandra