Description of Problem:

Manual screening of job-applicants:

The Users are from the H.R. department and they are focused on looking for candidates to fill job openings. Once a job opening has been posted on job-portals, (which could be third-party portals or the company’s own website) candidates would fill up an online application form and send in their resume and other documents (e.g. certificate of educations, IDs, and etc.).

As the job-portals are not linked directly to the company’s HR system, Users had to copy-and-paste data manually. In addition, Users also had to download every document and re-save into the company’s system.

How Gleematic software helps:

  1. Gleematic was able to access various job portals and upload the requirements for the new openings.
  2. Gleematic was also able to pick up the data of interested candidates and transfer data to the company’s in-house HR system.
  3. Gleematic was able to screen the data of candidates based on the requirements of the new opening (matching field by field).
  4. Gleematic able to compile a report on the applicants.


  1. Job portals and H.R. systems are not connected to each other. However, Gleematic was able to access the systems and transfer the data over.
  2. There were huge volumes of data, but Gleematic was able to handle it fast and accurately.


  • Shorter Time of Completion: Gleematic cognitive automation works up to 5 times faster than humans.
  • High Accuracy: Almost 100% accurate. There would be no human-errors of missing data, uploading wrongly, or having duplicated files in the archival process.
  • FTE Saving: ~3 to 4 FTEs
  • Saves precious hours of humans: As the human-users would only have to monitor the robot’s progress, he/she can spend most of his/her time on other more important things.
  • Reduced stress on staff: As the staff (humans) need not attend to this mundane and repetitive yet detailed work, they would have less stress and be more motivated to do other value-added jobs.  

Description of Client:

The client is a mid-sized regional trading firm with headquarters in Singapore and offices in the South-East Asia region.