On Friday 12 Nov, Gleematic’s co-founder, Ada Lim, attended as a speaker at the ‘Embarking on Job Redesign to Improve Your Employee Experience’ Webinar hosted by EON Consulting & Training Pte Ltd and Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF). Focusing on improving employee experience in HR and how to improve processing HR-related tasks.

About EON & Job Redesigning

EON provides human capital consulting and training services to organizations in Singapore. They’ve helped improve on strategic human capital alignment and daily HR processes.

William Thien from EON explained ‘Job Redesigning’ as “a process of reconfiguring, enriching, enlarging and simplifying components within a job/role to uplift productivity and drive the overall performance of the workforce”. The value-added task will be added, these require additional skills but not extra chores. The employee will be able to carry out these similar domain tasks with greater specialization to bring valuable results. As well as elements with elevated responsibilities such as decision making.

The benefits of Job Redesign include improvement in talent attraction, reduction of staff attrition rate, better quality jobs, employee satisfaction, etc. Thien also added that Job Redesign allows improvement on the existing HR’s time-consuming, repetitive and manual tasks.

Transforming HR Tasks with Cognitive Automation

Our founder Ada introduced how organizations can utilize Gleematic to process day-to-day HR tasks with cognitive automation. After Job Redesigning, organizations will want to focus more on processing tasks in a more efficient manner. Joining forces with robots and creating a co-bot environment can elevate overall productivity in office work. By combining RPA and A.I technology, With RPA, Gleematic will be able to mimic human activities to do tasks on computers by following a set script. Combining A.I. technology, Gleematic will be able to recognize images, icons, and text to process them, as well as Natural Language Processing in order to analyze and understand the meaning of the text in different languages.

For HR-related tasks, Gleematic can process a wide range of office tasks, such as talent acquisition, employment onboarding & general HR Admin, talent development, and exit management. Whether if it’s posting job openings on different portals, or extract data and validate with applicant’s ID, Gleematic will be able to automise these tasks. This will create more time for more value-added work.

Specials thanks to EON and SNEF for hosting the webinar and for providing the opportunity. We also appreciate all of the participants in the webinar and hope that Gleematic will be able to help more people to transform their work tasks.