Accounts Payable Automation Using Intelligent Document Extraction

Accounts Payable Automation Using Intelligent Document Extraction

Financial documents are crucial for business processes, as they play an important role in tracking transactions and accounts. Documents pile up to be processed, and manual work is not an option as it has drawbacks due to staff fatigue that can lead to data errors. Companies would need A.I to help those manual processes, especially for accounts payable automation.

This question now arises: how can financial documents be processed more effectively? Intelligent document extraction has the ability to transform and digitize documents quickly and cost-effectively.

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How A.I Can Help Accounts Payable Automation

We have advanced artificial intelligence capabilities and are able to recognize and understand the text structure of documents. The A.I. function allows us to intelligently extract information in various forms and templates. It is quick and easy, and we can train it to understand patterns in documents by showing patterns or templates.

Gleematic can read information from digital documents and use OCR to convert scanned images from documents into digital data to identify data types. Machine Learning and NLP enable Gleematic to learn, identify, recognize, analyze and improve the text structure in documents and the structure of documents. We can use machine learning to extract information in various shapes and templates such as text, images, templates, and text files.

Automate Document Processing with Gleematic

This will help us automate information gathering and document processing in various sectors such as banks. We use intelligent document extraction in the accounts liability to extract data from invoices. Every time we receive an invoice, we update the payment system so that the amount is entered and counted.

Allow Gleematic to extract data while you focus on more important tasks. Gleematic helps you to reduce error and saves time.

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Written by: Elicia Yeo

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