Multi-Language Intelligent Document Extraction

Research shows that more than 65% of data is either semi-structured or unstructured. Gleematic has A.I. powered information extraction and OCR for processing such data from documents, even if they are not in English.

Our software is highly intelligent to adapt to your various categories of documents and forms, such as invoices, order-forms, telephone bills, seaway-bills and others.

We can work with documents in many languages, such as Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, and Japanese. You just have to “teach” our robot how to classify the data and it will make sense of your documents for you.

Accelerate your business efficiency with Gleematic’s intelligent document-processing capabilities!

Intelligent Document Extraction Gleematic Software

What we are Offering?


Powered by AI features to intelligently extract data

  • Built-in OCR (optical character recognition) 
  • Text classification: train multiple “models” for any type of document in minutes
  • Logo recognition for compliance checks
  • Face recognition for security/ authentication
  • UI for tagging data in any format 
  • Auto tagging (duplicate tagging function) allows fast tagging with a relatively small number of samples
  • Multi-language interface and extraction: English, Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Japanese
  • Handles PDF files well: Auto-Split PDF files into single pages for sorting
  • Fuzzy data cleaning/ correction: partial/ approximate matching to improve accuracy
Intelligent Document Extraction Processing Gleematic Software
Intelligent Document Extraction Software Free Trial

Let Robots Get DATA For You.

Intelligent document extraction is a solution to transform and digitize your documents, quickly and cost-effectively. It has advanced AI features to recognize and understand the text and structures in your documents. After that, our built-in automation (robotic process automation) will take over and transfer the data into your I.T. system.

A.I. features allow it to intelligently extract information in multiple different forms and templates. It is quick, easy, and can be trained to understand the pattern of documents just by showing samples of that template. 

Some Examples of what we can do


Extract from feedback forms, Customer on-boarding forms, etc.


Bills of lading, airway bills, sea way bills and other documents related to movement of goods.


Invoices, Delivery Notes, Purchase Orders, Product Request Forms, etc.


Train robot to extract data from certificates, identity documents, forms, etc.