As a technology solution that has to fulfill the dynamic needs of our users, we always strive to make improvements to our features and functions. From our latest update, we are proud to bring our Community Library released for Gleematic users.

Community Library is a forum made for sharing between Gleematic users. On this forum, Gleematic users can upload the automation scripts they have done which will allow other users to download. This forum also allows Gleematic users to share knowledge and tips on how to implement a certain project using Gleematic, it can be related to how to use which function to automate which task.

We prepared our Community Library so that Gleematic users can have the 24/7 guide they need while preparing a certain script to automate their repetitive, mundane, and time-consuming tasks. In a nutshell, this is what Community Library is for:

Create Project

Gleematic users can create and upload scripts easily for the project they have completed.

Share Project

Gleematic users can share projects with other colleagues in their team, which was made easy to view and edit. They can always manage automation scripts whether they want it to be private (between their colleagues only) or publicly with other users.

Download Project

Gleematic users can explore many automation projects done by others, that they can download freely without having to pay.

A Community and a Forum, all in one place

Community Library comes with “Community” and “Forum”. What is the difference?

  • Community is a place for users if they want to share or get automation scripts. If they want to create project, search for a project, and download the project done by others, they simply go here.
  • Forum is a place for users if they want to share knowledge and tips on using certain Gleematic functions or features. This forum works like a blog where users can create new post to share knowledge. If users have questions, they can also post their question where other users can answer.

The two play different roles according to Gleematic users’ needs, however, they are all in one place and to switch is as easy as moving mouse cursor!


Here, users can download and re-use automation scripts uploaded by others

Community Library saves more time for Gleematic users to prepare automation scripts. It allows them to search for a certain script they want to deploy, which they can download and reuse if that script has been uploaded by other users. Of course, they will still need to make adjustments to that script based on their environment, but this will save much more time compared to having to develop the script from scratch!

Here is a bit sneak peek at how Gleematic users can have seamless sharing with each other.

Community Homepage

This is a landing page where users can see scripts uploaded by others. They can also search for script they want where we enable them to use filters. If they want to upload and share their script, they can also do it from here.

Gleematic Community Library Homepage

Select and download certain script

Let’s say the user moves on to the next step where they click on a certain post created by others. Here is what they can do:

  • See the description of the script e.g. what it is use for, what functions it includes, areas where it can be applied (tasks that usually require this script).
  • Having a preview image on “Image”, knowing the script name and its details (e.g. date uploaded and total steps in that script) on “Files”, and knowing which Gleematic version is compatible with that script on “Compatibility”.
  • See reviews for that script from other users, or give reviews commenting that script. This allows them to interact with one another.
  • See how many users have downloaded the script that they can use as reference.
Gleematic Community Library Share Project

Create a project to share script

If users want to share a script, here is what they have to do:

  • Customize the project name, they can be as clear as they want to ease other users in understanding it.
  • Provide information related to the project/script such as the language used in script and description (overview).
Gleematic Community Library Share Script


Here, users can interact with one another

Switching to Forum, where users can interact with one another, is as easy as moving the mouse cursor – as they are still in one place!

The forum works as a blog where users can create posts and have other users comment on that post. This allows a huge chance of interaction between Gleematic users to exchange information and tips about Gleematic functions and features.

Forum Homepage

This is the landing page of the forum where users can start exploring information they want to know from others, varying from experience in using Gleematic functions until the successful tips on how-to.

Gleematic Community Library Forum Homepage

Interacting with other users in their post

Here is how users can interact with others in a certain post. They can comment and the original author can reply, which will form a thread visible to other users to collect information from.

Gleematic Community Library Forum Interact with Other Users

We are happy to provide Community Library for our users, which will be available 24/7 to help them while preparing scripts to automate their painful tasks. This community library only opens to Gleematic users and to access it they have to open Gleematic Designer and go to the community library from there.

If you are interested to be part of the community library with other Gleematic users that have successfully deployed automation on their mundane tasks, you can try by following these easy steps:

Tutorial Community Library Gleematic

However, if you are still confused about whether you need cognitive automation or don’t know where to start, we can give you a free guide on everything you need to know that can change your work life. Download and read our free e-book about cognitive automation here to get success tips.