On 9 March, Gleematic’s team collaborated with Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) and EON Consulting & Training in a job-redesign workshop. The theme of the workshop is ‘Job Redesign for In-house Finance & Accounting (F&A)’. There were around 30 attendees joining us at the SNEF head office.

Mr. William Thien, Principle Consultant of EON, introduced the importance of F&A roles and incorporating Job Redesign as an enabler & stabiliser. Aligning the process productivity, and the people profile & proficiency at the worker level, is a must to achieve business results at the organisational level. Organisations need to be aware of how trends shape F&A functions, this includes changes in dynamic business requirements, adoption of ready digital & technology, shift in F&A operating model, greater regulatory oversight & focus on sustainability, etc. By incorporating RPA, this can help organisations to simplify employees work, while allowing opportunities for more multi-skilled and flexible workforce.

Ms. Ada Lim, Marketing & Sales Director of Gleematic, shared her insights on how Cognitive Automation can help organisation with job redesign in F&A. Digital maturity is essential for organisation nowadays to navigate the market, as digital champions outperforms their peers and recovers faster from Covid crisis.

Other than just using RPA, A.I. can help automate a wider variety of tasks, the combination of these two technologies is called Cognitive Automation. A.I. is a field of study where machines can do human-like “thinking” and decision making without fixed rules. Examples of A.I include image recognition and Natural Language Processing (NLP). With supervised Machine Learning, organisation can teach machine to recognise different objects or faces, as well as conducting sentiment analysis. 

Gleematic Cognitive Automation software is able to help organisation to process F&A tasks that are repetitive, tedious and high volume. Some of these processes include bank transaction automation, account payable automation, generating account reporting, etc. Depending on the processes, organisation would need to identify whether it’s more suitable for Rules-based automation or Cognitive Automation.

We’d like to thank all participants for making this workshop possible, and we cannot wait to share more about how Gleematic can help organisation to achieve digital maturity and job redesign. Our next workshop will be in 13 April, please stay tuned for more info to register.

Written by: Reiko Anjani