With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, I am sure that healthcare providers/services are dealing with an overwhelming amount of workload. With the need to conduct so many COVID-19 tests everyday and generating reports for updating the numbers, there will sure be a lack of manpower. You and your staff will be overwhelmed and stressed out by this. Let us help you by automating your work processes with our cognitive automation software, Gleematic. Here is how we can make use of automation in healthcare.

Admission of Patient

When a patient arrives at the hospital, your staff will request for their identification card for scanning. Once scanned, Gleematic will retrieve the patient’s information and search for it in your system. Upon finding the patient’s file, Gleematic will extract the patient’s medical history while your staff admits the patient into the hospital. Gleematic then passes the patient’s information to the staff, who then orders the necessary tests for the patient. Gleematic will then book the tests needed and alerts the staff in charge.
Your staff will decide if the patient can be discharged or have to stay in the hospital long-term after the tests are conducted. If the patient can be discharged, Gleematic will send the bill and medication needed to the pharmacy. The patient will then collect their medication, pay and leave. If the patient has to stay long-term, Gleematic will then transfer the patient’s data into the long-term stay system.


Gleematic has a function called machine learning, where it learns from past data in order to improve when carrying out future tasks. You can use past data of emails to train Gleematic on how to sort emails. When learnt, Gleematic will be able to tell whether the email is a complaint or enquiry and whether the contents of the email are “unhappy”.
When a customer sends an email to you, Gleematic will retrieve the email. Gleematic then identify whether the email is a complaint or enquiry. If it is a complaint, Gleematic will check how “unhappy” the customer is. If the customer is very upset in the email, Gleematic will enter the contents into the system and alert your staff for review. Once your staff have reviewed it, Gleematic will send the reply to the customer.
These are just some of the processes that we can help automate. Use Gleematic today to help you ease your workload. Your staff will be freed from doing repetitive administration tasks and be able to focus on more urgent matters. Contact us now for a FREE 1 hour consultation session to find out how we can help you!
Written by: Elicia Yeo