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Making Use of Automation in Insurance

Being in the insurance industry, I am sure that you are spending significant time on repetitive tasks.
When integrating insurance with automation, you could complete these low-value tasks 5 times faster than usual, magically having more time to complete those important tasks on your to-do list that you have been dying to cross off.

So, what exactly can you automate in insurance? Let me brief you through on what our trusty AI program known as “Gleematic” can do for you and your company. Gleematic is an cognitive automation software, where it combines AI and RPA together.


When a potential customer submits their application online, Gleematic extracts the information provided and validates it with your system to detect any fraud. Gleematic will email the customer if their application is not approved or if more information is needed. If no issues are found in the application, Gleematic will enter the customer’s details as a new record and prepare a proposal draft. Here is where you come in to validate the draft. With Gleematic, you go from doing five steps to only one.

Policy Administration

Your customer submits requests regarding their policies. Gleematic will check and retrieve their data from your system, extracting the information for your validation. When validated, Gleematic will then update the policy and the customer of the approval.


When your customer submits a claim form, Gleematic will validate the claim based on the rules you have set. If what they submitted is insufficient, Gleematic will email the customer for further information. If not, the claim will be reviewed and passed onto you for approval before informing the customer of the result.

Customer Support

Gleematic has a function called ‘Machine Learning’, where the robot will learn based on past information. An example is emails. Gleematic will learn what type of content in emails will go into which relevant folder, using it as a reference for future emails when sorting them. Gleematic can then also help you to auto reply your emails after sorting them into their folders.

These are just some examples of what Gleematic can do for you. Gleematic can run without human supervision, so that you can do other value-added tasks in the mean time! Gleematic can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You no longer have to stay overtime at work and can get Gleematic to do your job for you even when you are sleeping. Gleematic is definitely your best friend if you are looking to reduce human errors, save time and costs, and increase productivity.

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Written by: Elicia Yeo

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