As part of our collaboration with the Zhejiang-Singapore Economic and Trade Council, we participated in the
maritime cooperation initiative called “Seeking New Development and Creating a New Future Together”. This included a maritime innovation webinar with Ningbo and Zhoushan respectively.

With Ningbo

On 12th August, we had a Maritime Innovation Webinar with Ningbo. Firstly, the webinar started with speeches by leaders of the conference, which took about 10 minutes. The speakers included leader of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, leader of Singapore Enterprise Development Board, and leader of Ningbo City. Secondly, the Deputy Commander-in-Chief introduced us to the International Maritime Service Base of Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone. This took about 15 minutes.

Thirdly, the 10 participating companies’ presented their pitch deck. There were 5 Singapore companies and 5 Zhejiang companies who presented. Glee Trees was the 4th company to present. Our CEO, Christopher Lim was the one who presented. With only 5 minutes to present, Christopher briefed through our software Gleematic. He touched on the functions, benefits, use cases and examples of workflows of Gleematic. He also showed our prominent customers along with our recent awards and what we have acheived so far in China. Finally, the webinar ends with a Q&A session.

With Zhoushan

On 27th August, we had the same webinar, but with Zhoushan counterparts. The Zhoushan counterparts have rented a hotel conference room to host the session. They projected the entire zoom webinar on a large screen. As such, we had a trial run at 10 AM on the actual day, to ensure a smooth programme later on. The flow of the webinar was the same as the previous one with Ningbo. However this time round, one of the speakers was the leader of Zhoushan instead of Ningbo. The Chinese media and participating corporates were also there.

This gave us more exposure to the China media. We hope that our presentation have attracted some of the participating coporates, that they may be interested in being our partners in the near future. This marks the continuance of our journey into the China market. Our company is very excited for what the future holds and we are glad to have our customers supporting us on this fruitful experience.

Written by: Elicia Yeo