The automation technology can deliver a great deal of value, like the intelligent devices used in our homes, to automate items like register control and food storage thermostats in your local business. There are four specific fields, in particular, in which small businesses can improve cost efficiency through automation:

  1. Remote access: If you allow late-night delivery or locked behind a forgotten employee, remote access from a distance will maximize your company, 24/7.
  2. Tracking the register: 43% of the approximate $42 billion lost per year in retail shrinking is because of employee fraud, according to Global Retail Fraud Barometer 2015. Video is also one of the most accurate ways to track this issue–making sure that your camera setup considers issues before and after the counter.
  3. Customer insights: Note store foot traffic. Automation will let you know that you can transfer workers from a backroom to meet the requirements of a long line in the register. You can change the layout to minimize the build-up if customers are in one section of the store, or you can put a high-value product in the region to maximize the visibility of customers.
  4. Comfortable efficiency: Studies have shown that 9 degrees of temperature difference has a significant effect on efficiency regarding employees. Ensure you have 71 degrees in the temperature control system so that employees and customers can be happy.

Each organization has various opportunities to automate minor items. Companies can benefit by optimizing productivity during operating hours and reducing losses at night by using intelligent technology.

The Benefit of using Automation to maximize your business is:

  • Improved business process communication.
  • Total market operation automation.
  • Protection of data and low loss of data.
  • Efficient storage and recovery management of data.
  • Precision and accuracy of the received data.
  • Easy to authenticate users and new nodes.
  • Higher productivity, low cost, and higher profits.

Written by: Jimmi Chandra