Meeting Young Minds is an annual event held by Temasek Polytechnic – School of Business Entrepreneurship, Diploma in Business Information Technology, and Diploma in Business.  Held virtually on 17 February 2021, this event provides a platform for students to showcase their projects for subjects ‘Major Project’ and ‘Startup Launchpad’. In addition, 2 industry speakers have been invited to share their entrepreneurial journeys.

Showcasing more than 10 Start up ideas, we are beyond impressed with what young minds have to offer. The solutions towards lifestyle, environment, education, etc that were pitched that day resonance really well to the event’s theme which was ‘Reshaping the Digital Landscape’. Participated by passionate youngsters, the Startup launchpad virtual booth was definitely an exciting experience for us, tech-nerds. Experience it yourself.

Our Participation

Ms. Ada Lim, Glee Trees’ respected co-founder, shared her inspiring story as someone who spent half of her career as an entrepreneur. Within 30 minutes, Ms. Ada Lim provided real-life insights and lessons she had gained while pursuing her dream as an entrepreneur. One of her takeaways is:

She continued, entrepreneurs should know how to communicate and sell their idea/vision to others, especially to the people that are going to be a part of your team. 

As a tech-enthusiast, one of Ada’s dreams is to bring impactful means towards the digital revolution. She gave a brief introduction of our company and shared how challenging it is starting a company from scratch. She also presented Gleematic as a software that aims to increase businesses productivity by enabling implementing the power of machine-learning with only a few clicks of buttons even without programming background. 

“Automation started a long time ago.  Now, with the advancement of technology, automation offers the potential to solve many of the world’s problems, even the smallest ones without us realizing it.”

We thank Temasek Polytechnic for inviting Ada as a panel speaker in Meeting Young Minds 2021. We are delighted to be a part of the innovative-driven youth event and hope Ada’s participation has helped the attendees to understand more about tech-entrepreneurship. We look forward to more speaking opportunities like this in the future to encourage the youths in improving the quality of life.