What Is OCR?

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technology that allows you to scan text and convert it into an editable document. When you scan a document, you get only one image file, and most computer programs cannot recognize letters. This way you cannot edit the text, browse it, change or edit the formatting in a word processor.

How does OCR convert a scanned page into editable text?

You don’t need to include much-advanced computer science in the OCR process, with Gleematic, you can easily convert images into editable documents such as Excel and words.


The OCR bot scans the lines in the image and tries to determine whether the black and white dots represent certain letters or numbers. Once the points are translated, the bot will save the result.

The final result is you will have more structured data. You will be able to edit the data and it can be easily used for any automation rules.

What files can I upload?

You can upload a file, scan a receipt and imagine almost anything in between – you can imagine it as a digital version of the original document with all its contents.

Does OCR work for any language? 

OCR can only recognize the specific language it was set up in, and it only works in that language for a limited time, usually for a few seconds or so. Gleematic provides OCR software with not only English language, but also multi-lingual Asian languages such as Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, etc.

Can OCR read handwriting?

Since each person’s handwriting is unique, it is unusual to find an OCR that can translate handwriting into digital data. Gleematic’s software can, however, identify and classify handwritten documents as they are entered. It can also interpret continuous texts written by humans, such as letters, numbers, and other forms of handwriting.

How to choose the right OCR tools?

There are many good OCR tools, but the best OCR technology is best supported by the most advanced and powerful tools available on the market today.

However, the best way to do this is to find a software vendor that can meet your other needs, such as providing automation to extract data from documents and the language you need.

Written by Elsa Ajarwati