We, at Glee Trees, successfully rode the waves of 2022 and now are looking forward to sail through 2023 with new hopes and new aspirations. With “Optimism” is one of our company values, we are hopeful that the hard work and effort we have put in for the past few years will continue bear fruit in the coming year.

Our CEO, Christopher Lim, shared his thoughts with our team-mates on 11 January 2023, to set the tone for the year ahead.

“We are proud to have made it through the past few years of COVID restrictions, especially as some companies were forced to close or down-size significantly.”

Recap of 2022

2022 has not been easy for many companies, especially for technology companies around the world. However, our company has made some remarkable achievements in 2022 that we are proud of. We have successfully set up our Indonesian subsidiary, PT Glee Trees Indonesia, which has opened the road to a bigger market and opportunity.

Christopher Lim also added that our company has already become profitable in 2022 and is optimistic of sustained operations. The company has announced in December that we will also distributing bonuses for long-serving employees.

(Some of our team members are not captured)

2023 Plan and Future for Glee Trees

Global growth is slowing sharply due to higher interest rates, increased inflation, and disruptions caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to the World Bank’s latest Global Economic Prospects report. Although these fragile conditions could potentially push the world economies into recessions, we believe there is still room for growth in 2023. 

Christopher Lim highlighted another exciting upcoming milestone that we will launch a revamped version of our core product, Gleematic 2.0 soon in about a month or two in 2023. He added that our company will focus more energy toward the Indonesian market.

We are also looking forward to rejuvenating our presence in China as Zero-COVID policy has been relaxed. We believe there are ample opportunities for our company to grow in the Land of the Dragon with re-opening of business travel.

Lastly, Christopher Lim emphasized the importance of teamwork for everyone. “We should help each other to grow together as a team during the good times and the bad times”, he said.

Our team will face challenges with courage and continue to push ahead in the coming year!

Written by: Fauzul Fahmi