Have you ever thought about what a robot could do if it had to extract thousands of documents every day? How do you imagine software robots that help people automate operational activities?

Let’s see how OCR and Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) can increase operational efficiency.

What is OCR?

Optical character recognition (OCR) technology has been developed to transform images and text into digital data that can be read by machines using machine learning. The software scans images or photos, recognizes the characters and symbols in the document, and is trained in several languages to interpret the scanned data and documents.

However, the extraction process cannot be carried out by the OCR itself; it can only produce a black and white image with dots of color known as a raster image. This is where Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) comes in.

How Does Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Works?

Intelligent Document Processing is a powerful tool to extract text and data from documents. It can be used to read and identify target data fields, extract them, and then categorize them. IDP automatically extracts data from PDF invoices and automatically places the extracted data in Microsoft Excel based on the corresponding data field. For example, we have an invoice in PDF format that we can extract into certain data – fields.

Supported by A.I. Machine Learning, this technology identifies, understands, and identifies data fields to extract them accurately, and provides self-learning capabilities such as classification, categorization, and classification of data fields. This flexible and tailored document processing can be tailored to your needs with flexible, adaptive, and flexible data extraction options, while A.I. Machine learning enables a robot to handle documents even under the most difficult conditions.

Choose Your Document Processing Software Wisely!

In this context, assessing the tools and software you choose is as important as saving your project from failure. It is really important to choose the right intelligent software vendor for your document processing because this affects the overall success of the project. Choose your software wisely, whether OCR or IDE, and choose it wisely for its flexibility, ease of use, performance, and reliability.

Although OCR plays a remarkably important role in intelligent document processing, you should prioritize its presence in the software of your choice. Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) can save resources before manual invoicing and help streamline the process of collecting, processing, analyzing, and processing documents and documents. OCR and Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) complement each other, so recognize this and make sure you select the right document Processing software. Designed to meet the challenges of different industries, Gleematic is designed as entry-level software for you to experience: without coding, programming, or APIs.

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