In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and business, the need for innovative IT solutions has never been greater. In the heart of this dynamic environment stands OPSOLUTIONS, an IT solutions company based in Singapore, committed to empowering businesses and driving digital transformation. Partnering with Gleematic AI, OPSOLUTIONS is transforming the way businesses operate, and together, they are building a bridge to the future of business.


Established in 2008, OPSOLUTIONS has grown into a global IT solutions provider with a strong presence across multiple regions. They are the bridge between businesses and technology, dedicated to simplifying operations, enhancing efficiency, and creating competitive advantages through digital transformation.

OPSOLUTIONS operates at the speed of business growth, maximizing potential and delivering excellence in technology solutions.

IT Solutions

OPSOLUTIONS follows a four-step approach to digital transformation, ensuring maximum scalability and value for businesses:

1. Digitize: They simplify operations by enabling teams with digital tools, making them more efficient and effective.

2. Transform: OPSOLUTIONS integrates systems and transforms data to provide deep insights and context for businesses.

3. Store: They leverage advanced technologies to scale up businesses, placing data at the heart of digital strategy.

4. Analyze: OPSOLUTIONS harnesses the power of analytics to understand customers better and provide enhanced experiences.

Importance of Digital Transformation

The advent of digital technologies has ushered in a new era of business operations, where companies must embrace digital transformation to survive and thrive.

This transformation isn’t just about digitizing existing processes; it’s about fundamentally reimagining how businesses operate, engage with customers, and remain agile in an ever-changing environment. By adopting digital transformation strategies, businesses can streamline their operations, enhance customer experiences, and unlock new revenue streams. Whether it’s leveraging data analytics for informed decision-making or automating repetitive tasks, digital transformation empowers organizations to adapt to market shifts quickly and stay ahead of the curve.

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Partnering with Gleematic AI

Gleematic AI is proud to partner with OPSOLUTIONS in the realm of system integration for digital transformation needs. This collaboration has resulted in several successful initiatives, including a free IT consultation event aimed at helping businesses harness the power of technology.

‘Digital Transformation Partner’ Event

One recent event was the SMEICC Exhibition 2023, where Gleematic AI and OPSOLUTIONS joined forces to showcase their transformative technology solutions. The event highlighted how these solutions can revolutionize the way businesses operate, bringing efficiency, automation, and scalability to the forefront.

SMEICC 2023 Booth

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How Gleematic AI Helps with System Integration

Gleematic AI can help with multiple areas regarding System Integration, data transfer is one of the processes. Data transfer between systems is a common yet tedious and error-prone task. Manual data entry can lead to fatigue and costly mistakes.

This is where Gleematic AI steps in as a game-changer for businesses. Gleematic AI’s automation capabilities can seamlessly transfer data from one system to another without the need for human intervention, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

In the above demo video, Gleematic AI effortlessly transfers customer data from the accounting system to CRM. It intelligently identifies whether a customer profile already exists in CRM and takes appropriate actions, whether it’s creating a new profile or updating an existing one.

Thank You

Gleematic AI extends its gratitude to OPSOLUTIONS for their invaluable partnership. We look forward to more collaborative events and initiatives in the future, as we continue to work together to bridge the gap between businesses and technology, enabling a brighter and more efficient future for businesses worldwide. Together, we are forging a path towards innovation and success in the digital age.