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Outsourced Human Resource Services

We provide HR (Human Resource) outsourcing services through process automation and Artificial Intelligence. We aim to help you to save more time, increase productivity, improve efficiency, and work smarter.

Let us automate for you.

Experience the new level of how automation can be impactful for your business. Say goodbye to complicated software installations and set-ups, bid farewell to complexities of coding and automation scripting automation scripts. You don’t have to lift a finger! Tell us which human resource (HR) processes you need to do, we will automate for you.

How does it work?

Why outsourced finance and accounting services?

Embrace the future of business by choosing our smart robots for your business process outsourcing.

Faster than humans, higher efficiency

Higher level of accuracy and consistency


Very cost effective

Better use of staff for higher-value tasks

We can do these processes for you.

Increase cost-effectiveness by choosing our smart robots for your business process outsourcing, reducing the need for repetitive manual labor and minimizing errors that could lead to financial losses.

Examples of outsourced HR services:

Data Extraction from Resume/CV

Speed up recruitment process by extract data from resume or CV of candidates, despite the complexity of its template or form of document. 

Analyze resumes using natural language processing (NLP) to match keywords and qualifications with job requirements, helping HR identify suitable candidates more efficiently.

Access recruitment portal to check candidates who apply to the position, collect their data, and shortlist candidates based on recruiter’s criteria. Track the assignments by sending email and gradually checks if assessment is completed. Collect assignments from candidates and send to HR team. 

Recruitment Process: Background Checking & Interview Scheduling

Verify candidate backgrounds by accessing external databases and checking references. Access interviewers’ calendars, match them with candidates availability, and schedule interviews.

How AI Is Transforming The Future of Work and Eliminating Labour Shortage

Transfer data between HR systems, databases, and spreadsheets. Classify and organize employee documents based on content, such as contracts, certificates, and performance reviews.

Gather and aggregate data from time tracking and attendance systems, calculate salaries, deductions, claims, other benefits, and taxes accurately.

Have any other processes you need us to do?

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We are pioneer in Asian Cognitive Automation.

With a proven track record of assisting businesses across diverse industries and languages in Asia, we are your reliable choice for fulfilling your automation requirements. 

Take the next step in optimizing your processes by outsourcing them to us today.

Why we are the best solution for you?

Leave the task to us, see the results.

Stay ahead of the competition by having our robots for your business process outsourcing.

Have all the repetitive and time-consuming tasks automated with high speed and accuracy, freeing up your employees for more strategic endeavors.



Reduce Cost


Faster Than Humans

3 Weeks

Average time to seing the results

We have helped companies to improve their business efficiency by >319% with automation.

Hire our smart robots to do your task. From administrative tasks to professional tasks, they can do it for you.

Check how our smart robots helped our clients in HR:

Talent Acquisition Automation

Focused on filtering and shortlisting job candidates. Once a job opening has been posted on a job-portal, candidates can indicate interest. Then, automatically shortlist and contact them to provide more details or fill up in-house application form.

Staff Payroll Automation

As an outsourced HR Services Provider, our User needs to process lots of information from various companies in its HR Payroll system. The user is responsible for updating their clients’ employees’ attendance and then generate payroll out of it.

Data Input Automation for Staff Management System

Our client needs to update their staff management system with hundreds of staff list. Due to the large amount of data, the manual input method would take up too much time and created room for human errors.

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