Description of client:

The client is a large insurance company with various kind of insurance products.



Description of use case(s):

Medical Claim Process:

The company requires various documents to process the claim. There are 2 scenarios for the process. The first one is when the claim triggered by the incident. Customer will go straight to the hospital and the administration staff from the hospital will send the claim request through the email. The second one is when the claim triggered on policy maturity. In this scenario, customer may send the require documents by their self through the system provided by the company.

  1. The staff need to check manually the completion of the documents.
  2. The staff need to entry the information manually into various I.T. application that are not connected to one another.
  3. Manual validation through multiple system is very time-consuming.

How Gleematic software helps:

  1. Gleematic cognitive automation able to pick up the data from the require documents.
  2. Gleematic cognitive automation also able to entry the relevant info into various I.T. applications.
  3. With the Machine Learning, Gleematic cognitive automation able to validate the data through multiple system.


  1. Scanned document can’t be copied easily. We manage to use the OCR tool to convert the document before doing the extraction.
  2. The client uses some of non-text parameters to validate the data (e.g. logo, image, etc.). We can use the image recognition technology to overcome this.


  • Short Time of completion: Gleematic cognitive automation works up to 5 times faster than human.
  • High Accuracy: Almost 100% accurate. There would be no human-errors of missing data, uploading wrongly, or having duplicated files in the archival process.
  • FTE Saving: ~3 to 4 FTEs
  • Saves precious hours of humans: As the human-users would only have to monitor the robot’s progress, he/she can spend most of his/her time on other more important things.
  • Reduced stress on staff: As the staff (humans) need not attend to this mundane and repetitive yet detailed work, they would have less stress and be more motivated to do other value-added jobs.  


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