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automation case study

Finance and Accounting

account receivable

Account Receivable Automation

There were various manual tasks in the Accounting Department of the Client’s company. The staff needs a month to transfer data from excel files to their accounting software.

invoice processing

Customer Billing Automation

With more than 170 million users, the Company must send billing bills to its customers 2 (two) times a month, the first invoicing is done at the beginning of the following month at the end of the month.

bank reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation Automation

Bank reconciliation is a critical process, but how long does it take businesses to identify discrepancies between data? It could take weeks or even months.

invoice entry automation

Invoice Entry Automation

The client manually processes more than 500 invoices each day. They receive invoices from multiple vendors in different formats like PDFs and scanned graphic files.

Sending Statement of Account

Sending Statement of Account

There were tedious manual tasks in the Finance Department of the Client’s company. The staff needs a week every month to just send out Statement of Account (SOA) emails to their customers.

Human Resources

talents acquisition automation

Talents Acquisition Automation

The Users are from the H.R. department and they are focused on looking for candidates to fill job openings. Once a job opening has been posted on job-portals, candidates would fill up an online application form and send in their resume and other documents.

payroll automation

Staff Payroll Automation

As a Human Resources Management System Provider, SAG HR owns numerous information from various companies in its staff portal system. SAG HR is responsible for updating their clients’ employees’ attendance and then generate payroll out of it.

Logistics Operations

bill of lading logistics automation

Bill of Lading Automation

There were various time-consuming processes in the Operations Department of Client’s company. Most of the processes were rules-based, while some required machine-learning (an aspect of artificial intelligence).

Leads Report Automation

The lead report processing is how the client’s company manages email submission with automation. The staff needs to manually assign incoming leads from email to sales representatives for following up.

packing list automation

Goods Receipt Automation

Information about each shipment needed to be gathered from different sources also had to be distributed and archived for compliance purposes. As a result of the time-consuming process, customers of this client might encounter shipping delays.

stock report automation

Stock Report Automation

Electronic goods in the warehouse move very fast every day. Each movement of goods required several documents along with a unique data challenge for the client, which makes the data entry processing has been challenging for the client.

Banking Operations

KYC Automation

The bank required information from external sources to be entered into a legacy system and information to be extracted from this system to be entered into another system.

AML Automation

AML Automation

As staff strive to stay abreast of the complicated and dynamic regulatory landscape, the cost of complying with AML regulations for financial institutions is rising.

Loan Approval

Loan Approval

The time for borrowers to get loans processed has been growing longer, given the larger numbers of applications, legacy systems, and manual processing.

Insurance Operations

safe insurance

Underwriting Automation

Every day, the client needs to do tedious manual tasks in their underwriting process. The staff needs hours or even days to evaluate risks and deciding whether they will provide the requested coverage.

rpa insurance policy administration

Policy Administration

The Client needs to onboard their new customers and updates hundreds of policy changes every day. The staff needs hours or even days to welcome their new customers and input new existing customers’ policy to their system.

insurance automation

Claims Processing Automation

The Insurance Company required various documents to process the claim. There are 2 scenarios for this process. In this scenario, customers may send the required documents through the system provided by the Insurance Company.

Healthcare Operations

healthcare automation

Patient Reports Automation

As the working pace is very fast, their employees do not have time to communicate, which leads to overlapping of work. One of their main workload is generating reports, including updating the number of COVID-19 cases daily.

patient billing automation

Medical Billing Automation

Reviewing and retrieving patient data is a time-consuming and tedious task. Streamlining data extraction and healthcare claims can help healthcare providers save time while also increasing profits.

Other Functions

Maintenance Report Automation

Each of the client’s machines produced text files with more than 10 variables and 32,000 data points for every process. The data could not be imported into a spreadsheet easily for viewing or analysis. Individual data points had to be manually copied and pasted into relevant cells in Excel files, to analyze the data.

Attendance List Extraction

Our client had many webinars to handle every week and the staff needed to consolidate details from the webinar attendance lists into a master file manually. The manual inputs to the master file would then have to be cross-checked with the database for data integrity.

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