Description of Problem:

Our client had many webinars to handle every week and the staff needed to consolidate details from the webinar attendance lists into a master file manually. The manual inputs to the master file would then have to be cross-checked with the database for data integrity.
The staff also had to extract reporting numbers in a separate file and update the numbers to the master file manually for reporting. This consolidating, validating and information extracting process was very time-consuming for our client.

How Gleematic software helps:

  1. Gleematic consolidates the required attendee details and cross-checks the data with the master file in a timely and structured manner.
  2. Gleematic extracts and updates the required information for reporting in a quick and accurate approach.  
  3. This has allowed our client in getting the reports done up faster and more time to focus on other tasks on hand.


As this project was done via remote-access into the users’ server, more time and care had to be put in to ensure that access paths to the files were accurately mapped. Another challenge was ensuring that the “remote desktop connection” provided that same environment as the actual environment that Gleematic would be running on.


  • Shorter Time of completion: Gleematic cognitive automation works up to 5 times faster than humans.
  • High Accuracy: Almost 100% accurate. There would be no human-errors of missing data, uploading wrongly, or having duplicated files in the archival process.
  • FTE Saving: ~3 to 4 FTEs
  • Saves precious hours of humans: As the human-users would only have to monitor the robot’s progress, he/she can spend most of his/her time on other more important things.
  • Reduced stress on staff: As the staff (humans) need not attend to this mundane and repetitive yet detailed work, they would have less stress and be more motivated to do other value-added jobs.  

Description of Client:

Our client is a renowned private education institution in Singapore, offering a wide range of Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programmes.