making use of automation in healthcare

Description of Problem:

Our client, a major hospital in Singapore has been experiencing shortage of manpower due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As the working pace is very fast, their employees do not have time to communicate, which leads to overlapping of work. One of their main workload is generating reports, including updating the number of COVID-19 cases daily.

How Gleematic software helps:

  1. Gleematic extracts data from their internal system, consolidating them into a powerpoint presentation before displaying it on the TV panel.
  2. Gleematic extracts the number of discharged/admitted patients and send the updated numbers via SMS based on the list of phone numbers provided.
  3. Gleematic extracts patients’ details provided by nurses and updates the master list while also reminding nurses who have not sent their updates to send it in.


Script writing process was affected by the time constraint. However, effective communication with the hospital employees allowed us to overcome this barrier.


  • Shorter Time of completion: Gleematic cognitive automation works up to 5 times faster than humans.
  • High Accuracy: Almost 100% accurate. There would be no human-errors of missing data, uploading wrongly, or having duplicated files in the archival process.
  • FTE Saving: ~3 to 4 FTEs
  • Saves precious hours of humans: As the human-users would only have to monitor the robot’s progress, he/she can spend most of his/her time on other more important things.
  • Reduced stress on staff: As the staff (humans) need not attend to this mundane and repetitive yet detailed work, they would have less stress and be more motivated to do other value-added jobs.  

Description of Client:

The client is a major hospital providing medical care in Singapore.