Companies are now aware that traditional approaches to the ordering process have led to reduce productivity and return rates for customers. Fortunately, AI brings Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) software to solve the problems with sales automation.

Intelligent Document Processing is not only relevant but also becomes increasingly important if you are looking to keep up. IDP can also bring new technologies, new business models, or the need for better customer service.

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Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) software offers a better approach to job automation. In particular, automation saves up to 70% of your time. The automation of the ordering process can also speed up cycle time and improve customer experience.

By integrating such software, you can automate document classification and data extraction to save time and money, more importantly, reduce human error in the processing process.

How Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Works?

In addition to native skills, you can use an ecosystem to understand dynamic documents in semi-structured or even unstructured data. Artificial intelligence (AI) enables Gleematic to analyze and process data from a variety of data sources, including social media, websites, emails, and more.

An RPA solution with AI capabilities can build on specific data areas and expertise to find unique processes and specific data that require specialized processes. It can also retrieve extracted data using AI capabilities, view the status of documents to be processed, upload them to other systems, and display them in real-time.

Choosing The Right Software for Sales Automation

Involving users is very important in the selection and application of the process to achieve successful implementation. Use one that your company is able to commit to and is comfortable with. Following are the steps to choose the right software for intelligent document processing:

  1. Choose the Easiest to Use
  2. Smart, Quality RPA Software
  3. Simple, No Installation Required
  4. Can Be Implemented Quickly and Easily
  5. Economical, Financial Analytics
  6. Flexible on Computer

Based on these factors, we believe that our software, Gleematic will be the best software for your business, regardless of which sector you are in. Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) from Gleematic provides the ability to improve the accuracy of the data you collect and improve accountability.

By Elsa Ajarwati