Glee Trees Pte. Lte. became the runner-up in the Dai-Ichi Innovation Challenge on 6 March, 2019. We proposed Gleematic Cognitive Automation as a solution to improve the internal processes.

We have gone through a long-selection processes before our Co-Founder, Ada Lim, gave her pitch at the Sheraton Futian Hotel in Shenzen among other 5 finalists. In front of the Dai-ichi Life’s top Management, our co-founder explained how Gleematic can improve the internal processes in insurance company so it can run more effective and efficient.

As a virtual worker, Gleematic can complete various business processes in Insurance company. This software has ability to find the potential customers by making analytics and predictions, to eliminate time-consuming analysing processes. Based on the data provided, Gleematic can automatically pick up the information through data-entry to the system and eventually perform a Structured Data Machine Learning to predict likelihood of a person in making a purchase. By automating the process, the insurance agent can potentially find the right target in a shorter time.
After finding the potential customer, Gleematic can suggest a suitable product for them. Gleematic can make suggestions for the types of insurance products based on specific needs, by “learning” from historical data patterns.

Another important aspect that Gleematic can help with is claim-processing. Manual data entry and validation make it very time consuming. But it will be much more efficient if we hire the virtual worker, Gleematic Cognitive Automation. It can pick up the relevant information from the scanned documents, enter into insurance-systems, and process the claims. It can potentially predict fraud cases if there is sufficient data.
Last but not least, Gleematic can classify incoming emails into various categories via machine learning. Gleematic can be trained to sort and forward emails to relevant staff in the insurance companies for faster follow-ups.

In a nutshell, Gleematic can improve internal processes to be better, more effective and efficient, and less time-consuming. Beside faster completion, automation will create bigger opportunity for the staff to focus on the customers and provide better service.

Gleematic team is sincerely thankful for the Dai-Ichi Life Group for choosing us as the second winner.