She Loves Tech : 2019 Global Startup Competition

This year, She Loves Tech came up with the “2019 Global Startup Competition Series” to unify international tech companies, investors, entrepreneurs, startups, and consumers to drive the goal of She Loves Tech: to promote technology for women and technology by women. She Loves Tech commits to become a global platform to empower women in technology businesses.

The 2019 round involves more than 20 countries all over the world: Bangladesh, Baltics, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, UAE, USA and many more. The competition starts by shortlisting pitches from numerous amazing business ideas, narrowing down to a few to pitch in their origins. The selected pitch from each country would go to the finals to re-pitch again with other selected pitches from all over the world: cornering to three winners.

As a Singapore-born software company also a pioneer in Asian cognitive automation, Gleematic was proud to take part. By taking part means contributing to women empowerment and building opportunities for women in tech-ecosystem, entrepreneurship, and tech innovation. Gleematic was selected as top 8 finalists shortlisted from many amazing businesses in Singapore, and therefore to pitch in Singapore round.

On 21st August 2019, Gleematic Co-founder, Ada Lim, joined many incredible women from numerous tech-businesses to brainstorm the best of their business ideas. It was an honor for Gleematic to pitch among all incredible business pitches and being one of them was truly an achievement.

Our pitch was the world’s trend of technology that keeps growing and evolving, causing many advanced technologies to arise. We highlighted the importance of revolutionizing office-work and bringing digital transformation to all the business processes, to reduce or better yet – abolishing manual processing.

In a way where technologies always help us to improve the quality of our life, our pitch pointed out how cognitive automation can help your business to keep in pace with the growth of wold’s business trends. Global startup enhanced by artificial intelligence, our robots can promote the growth of your business productivity by making your operational businesses run faster, easier, and more accurate.

Gleematic salutes the winner for Singapore round also all the impressive pitches. Let’s keep empowering women to give a meaningful impact on the world of technology and innovation.