All through our active years, we have been participating in numerous exhibitions with the objective of introducing and showcasing our technology to companies that seek for a solution. The goal is, of course, to spread the words of AI-powered automation that we can do and how it can help companies to improve their productivity. However, this time we are doing it differently.

On 22-23 November 2022, Ngee Ann Polytechnic conducted 2-days exhibition “FESTIV.AI” – their first AI festival.

We got the honor to participate as the AI technology provider.


FESTIV.AI is the first AI festival that Ngee Ann Polytechnic ever conducted. The event took 2 Days at Ngee Ann Polytechnic campus with the target of reaching to all Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s students and other secondary schools. The objective of the event was for students to gain an appreciation of AI in the context of daily living and business perspective, through various mini-experiences.

The exhibition itself involved 10-15 stations of companies to showcase their AI or AI-related technologies. The potential concept or applications of AI to exhibit was Image/Object Recognition (Computer Vision), Chatbot/NLP (Speech Recognition), Recommendation Engine (Unsupervised Learning), Gaming (Reinforcement Learning), Autonomous Vehicle, Customer Service, Robotics, and AR/VR.

The event expected technology companies to engage students or youths on various topics and applications of AI. Preferably, participating companies could provide a showcase of their technology in a gamified way that students could try out, have hands-on learning, and of course – for their experience. The main purpose was to transfer knowledge to students or even teachers on how to use the technology.

Exhibiting AI-Technology Companies

Some participating companies are those providing AI technologies such as:

  • Intelligent Weighing Scale

Intelligent Weighing Scale to improve efficiency for many grocery stores.

  • Lie Detector

Automated lie detector using AI.

  • Nanocar

A self-navigating car.

  • Robotic Arm

Robotic arm to transform logistics industry.

  • Fitness AI

AI application on mobile that will help users to get fit.

  • Immersive Media

Immersive media that could help business in various industries.

  • AI for Gaming (AR/VR)

VR saber, racing simulator, and more.

  • Cognitive Automation

This is where Gleematic took part!

Introducing Gleematic as AI-powered Automation Software

We introduced Gleematic as an AI-powered automation software that can transform operations in industry and offices. Luckily, we had help from Ngee Ann Poly’s students that manned our booth. It was effortless for our team to quickly train and brief the students that were in charge to help us manning the booth, and we thank them for helping us throughout the event!

Ngee Ann Poly’s students helping to man Gleematic booth

Students as visitors came to our booth and watched our demos, and we hope that it helped the students to understand the real-life application of AI in the context of business. The demos comprise of possible areas of where AI-powered automation can be implemented, as well as use-cases from our users.

Students visiting our booth

We understand the perspective of this event that aimed to provide insights to students who are learning about Artificial Intelligence, on how broad this technology is and the wide spectrum on where and how it can be useful to improve the quality of our life. The event succeeded for its role as an eye-opener, to inspire students to excavate more about AI and its cognitive functions.

Our co-founder, Ada Lim, with the organizer from Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Thanks to the organizer, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, for inviting us to take part in this AI learning festival. We are so glad we took part to support and embrace students by providing real-life business experiences. For an example, the trend of technology that many companies need to improve their operations. We hope that they could learn something from the event. Especially, from our introduction to Gleematic AI, so that they could invent and develop much advanced technology for greater values.

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Written by: Kezia Nadira