August was a very busy month for Gleematic team as we were taking part in few exhibitions held in Singapore and Indonesia.

We were so enthusiastic as these exhibitions were in-person events, meaning we got to physically showcasing Gleematic and meet a lot of people. It’s really an interesting and promising opportunity to meet people who are industry leaders, players, tech-innovators or solution providers from various sectors. Not just to introduce Gleematic and the solution we are offering, but being able to discuss and share knowledge about the trends that drive the innovation around the globe is what motivates us.

We are taking part again in the 7th Cikarang Industrial Expo 2022, that happened on 24-25 August 2022 in Indonesia.

Showcasing Gleematic at Cikarang Industrial Expo 2022

About the 7th Cikarang Industrial Expo 2022

The 7th Cikarang Industrial Expo, in conjunction with Indonesia Smart Industrial Expo, was organized by Tiga Pilar Manajemen Indonesia (TPMI Group). These two have evolved into a Smart Industrial Exhibitions which presents a huge number of opportunities. This plays a part in linking local manufacturers from various sub-sectors to meet the local industries’ needs.

The objective of this event is to provide a maximum interaction among decision makers, purchasers, industry leaders, engineers, contractors, and more to get updates on related technologies serving to the industries.

Showcasing Gleematic at CIE 2022

Our team attended the 2-days event and was able to meet attendees from manufacturing companies with various sub-sectors. Their strongest reason to attend the event was to learn and explore new smart technologies and innovations that could improve and transform the way they do their business operations.

As a provider of cognitive automation software, Gleematic received numerous of interests from attendees coming to the booth. We heard their challenges at work, varying from having to process documents, integrating data between systems, controlling certain application or system, and more. These processes still rely on manual human-work and it would be potentially improving if they could have a solution to automate all of these processes.

Showing demos of Gleematic for manufacturing operations

We showcased some demos on how Gleematic can help to automate some of the common business processes involved in manufacturing day-to-day operations. These include collecting reports from various systems and generate the whole new report with consolidated information, processing documents as in reading and extracting data, tallying and integrating data between various sources, and more.

We listened to the challenges addressed by people coming to our booth, though initially they were unfamiliar about what cognitive automation was. We helped to provide them insights on how to tackle these challenges, by introducing them to Gleematic.

Gleematic booth at Cikarang Industrial Expo 2022

Transforming Operations in Manufacturing with Gleematic

We had a presentation about how to transform operations in manufacturing with AI-powered automation. One of our team was speaking on stage about the real-life use-cases of automation in manufacturing industries.

Transforming business operations in manufacturing with AI-powered automation

We introduce the basic fundamental theory about process automation with robots, some artificial intelligence with cognitive features to augment these robots, the potential use-cases where this technology can be applied to, and how to deploy a successful automation project.

When it comes to an opportunity that allows us to spread the word about AI-powered automation, we become really enthusiastic!

We thank Tiga Pilar Manajemen Indonesia (TPMI Group) for organizing this event. Our vision is to empower people to spend more time on things that matter by leveraging on cognitive automation, thus we can improve the landscape of their work. Through this in-person trade show, we were allowed to meet a lot of people and hear challenges – both are challenges we have heard, and those we have not. For the challenges we might have not heard, we hope to tackle through automation.

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Written by: Kezia Nadira