The annual Smart China Expo which has been held in Chongqing since 2018, is a platform which helps to promote global smart technologies. Smart China Expo 2020 will the third year of the exhibition. For this year, the theme is Smart Technology: Empowering Economy, Enriching Life. The aim of this year’s exhibition is to showcase new products, technologies, business formats and modes of big data. The exhibition will be held from September 15 to September 17 2020.

Our Participation

For this year’s Smart China Expo, Singapore will be participating. SGTech, in partnership with IMDA, Enterprise Singapore and Business China, is in charge of Singapore’s participation. They invited us to showcase our solution on Smart China Expo. However, due to the COVID situation and travel restriction, we are only able to showcase our solutions at the e-exhibition’s online platform.
Our exhibition includes a brief description of our product in English and Chinese. We included a infographic beside the text to show our functions. At the side, we have a video show casing how Gleematic, our software can help automate everyday tasks. The Singapore exhibition in Chinese can be viewed here. For the English one, click here. You can find our exhibition at the back, the green area.

As we are in the process of entering the China market, we hope that participating in the year’s exhibition will gain us more insights. We hope that we will be able to network with China companies through this exhibition and also gain awareness for our company/solution at the same time.

Written by: Elicia Yeo