Christopher, our Technical Director, was invited by Mr Phillip Siow, Senior Lecturer, Temasek Polytechnic’s School of Business, to give a talk on how data analytics and artificial intelligence can be used to understand customer behavior better.

Christopher engaged the students with relevant examples of what data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) can do. He highlighted that artificial intelligence is no longer confined to labs, but can be seen in many instances in our lives.

For example, an artificial intelligence system predicted that Mr Donald Trump would win the elections in USA. Another great example of artificial intelligence in everyday life is a self-driving car that will see the roads and bring us to destinations without having to operate it.

Christopher highlighted that our company deploys artificial intelligence to build software robots that see computer screens just as humans do, and carry out activities on I.T. applications.

Data analytics, Christopher explained, could be used by retailers to find out trends and make predictions – for example, people who buy “A” tend to buy “B” together. Data analytics can also be used to determine peak hours, so that the owner of the shop can make sure there are more service staff around that time.

Christopher mentioned that data analytics could be helpful in a person’s love life too. For example, by analyzing the large volumes of posts on Facebook, a person can find out about his partner’s favourite brands of clothes, preferred colours, etc.

Glee Trees team is thankful for Mr Siow for providing this speaking opportunity.