Gleematic CEO and Founder, Christopher Lim, is delivering talks about Cognitive Automation

On the 2nd August 2019, Christopher Lim – CEO and Founder of Gleematic – was honoured to be invited as a speaker at Tech and Sharing Event organised by ITE East. The objective of this event is to provide students with the opportunity to explore topics such as Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics Process Automation, VR/AR, etc.

Christopher Lim delivered a speech about “Cognitive Automation : Cutting Edge Technology to Revolutionize Business Processes”. This explorative tech-talks mainly introduces the importance to adapt AI-enhanced cognitive automation as a solution to transform manual business processes to an automated and improved one.

There are various complex business processes involved in every business company, which mainly still rely manually on human-staff and paper documents. Manual processing is less effective considering that a load of tasks keep increasing every day and customer demands that keep increasing in time. Therefore, it is found to be not applicable anymore to fulfil the demand of the fast-growing number of customers. This is due to manual processing that takes more time to do, costly, and leads to an inconsistent result with high error rate due to human staff’s fatigue of handling and processing loads time-consuming tasks.

Therefore, a solution is needed to overcome the issue : an A.I. Cognitive Automation. Cognitive automation arises as a cutting-edge technology that improves and yields in more productive and effective business processes.

It was an enormous pleasure for Gleematic to be given speech-opportunity at this event. Our support will always go for  future initiatives.