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Cognitive Automation
for Stock Report

Reduces running costs and errors simultaneously.

Description of Problem

Electronic goods in the warehouse move very fast every day. Each movement of goods required several documents along with a unique data challenge for the client, which makes the data entry processing has been challenging for the client. The company usually faces these two main bottlenecks during the process:

Mundane Manual tasks

The company has 3 types of stock database in PDF files: stocks from suppliers (sell-in), stocks that they distribute (sell-out), and inventory. The warehouse staff needs to manually update all the data of goods movement every day.

Human Error

This tedious work brings unproductivity and a lack of joy for the staff. Moreover, there were also many human errors that happened during the process. Manual work was very time-consuming and costly before automation.

Client Overview:

The client is an outsourcing company. One of their services is data entry and document digitization. They need to handle tedious data in the stock reporting processes processes for their vendors which distribute electronics every day.



Processes Type:

Stock Report

How Gleematic Helps

Our first approach was to understand the processes and workflow implemented by M&P International Freights sales team. Within their needs, we customized several “scripts” (a set of instructions for the bot to follow).

Next, our bot collects the three types of documents in a word format. Our bot then converts all the documents into PDF files. After that, our bots will convert them again into excel files. Then, our bot combines all three types of documents into one master excel file.

Following that, our bot consolidates the sell-in and sell-out database, then it will make sure all the data are balance on the inventory stocks sheet. All the stock reporting processes can be done 5X faster. The warehouse administration staff are also now happy to work on their job.



Degree of Robotization: 75% Effort Automated


ROI: 3 Months

Human Error Rate Reduced


Manual Effort Reduction to 75%


Faster Processing Time: Reduction of 65%


More Standardization


High-Quality Improvement


No More Repetitive Administration


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