Transferring data between systems is one of the most common office tasks. If such tasks are done manually, companies with huge amount of data would need to spend days or even weeks to complete transferring. 

Often times manufacturing companies would have significant amount of data within their systems. When transferring these data between system, the task could be mundane, overwhelming and highly repetitive. This makes such tasks being very prone to human-error. Therefore, data transfer automation can significantly help corporations to save time and improve work productivity.

Examples of Data transfer across systems or application:

Accounting Department could use this to update customer’s CRM data in accounting system. Manually adding these customers one-by-one could be tedious and time consuming.

Finance department would need to update amount payable in finance system based in ordering system.

HR department could utilise this to automate payroll process for company’s employees.

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Automate Data transfer across systems or application with Gleematic

Using Cognitive Automation, Gleematic is able to automate a wide variety of office tasks that are high volume and repetitive. With Artificial Intelligence technology such as Machine learning, Gleematic bot can be trained to identify multiple sources and collect data. By automating Gleematic, data transfer can be done in a timely manner with high accuracy.

In the video below, Gleematic will transfer customer’s data from the accounting system to CRM. Gleematic will check if the customer’s profile already exists in CRM or not. If the profile does not exist yet, Gleematic will create a new profile or record it in CRM.

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Written by: Reiko Anjani