“Meeting Young Minds” Webinar with Temasek ...

Reshaping the Digital Landscape Meeting Young Minds is an annual event held by Temasek Polytechnic – School of Business Entrepreneurship, Diploma in Business Information Technology, and Diploma in Business.  Held virtually on 17 February 2021, this event provides a platform for students to showcase their projects for subjects ‘Major Project’ and ‘Startup Launchpad’. In addition,

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)
Intelligent Document Processing (IDP): Impact for Busin...

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP): Impact for Business in 2021 Organisations often have to handle data from semi-structured and unstructured documents which makes it difficult for work processes to achieve greater level of automation. Given limited human resources, handling documents such as job-application forms, invoices, packing lists, export declarations, and other business documents can be a

rule-based automation vs cognitive automation
Differences Between Rule-Based & Cognitive Automat...

Differences between Rule-based Automation and Cognitive Automation When you want to automate parts of your business, you are bound to come across the terms ‘rule-based automation’ and ‘cognitive automation’. However, do you know the difference between them? Rule-based automation system Rule-based automation is a system that applies man-made rules to store, sort and manipulate data,

Development of an Automation Technology Platform

Development of an Automation Technology Platform IT automation uses guidelines for the creation of an iterative process to replace the manual work in data and cloud implementations. Providing minimal administrative tasks to computers, systems, and applications. The application of IT automation involves individual actions, sequential sequences and the use of adaptive IT activities that are

inteligence document
OCR and Intelligent Document Extraction

Do you spend lots of time to do invoices entry and How can OCR and intelligence document extraction assist you? A common scene in Finance Departments: tables overflowing with paper, corridors filled with boxes of documents, and there is hardly any space to walk. Some of the staff may be busy looking at the paper sand

ai functions
A.I, and non-AI Functions for Vetting Resumes

Artificial Intelligence and Rules-Based Automation for Vetting Resumes One of the biggest challenges that HR practitioners face today is finding suitable people to recruit. In the past, this task has proven to be challenging, in part because of inefficient manual tasks that hamper the recruitment process and the lack of access to the right details.

artificial intelligence
Concept of Artificial Intelligence in Office Automation

The Concept of Artificial Intelligence in Office Automation Artificial intelligence is a field of study where machines can “think” and make decisions in ways similar to a human, without fixed rules. Using artificial intelligence can provide enormous benefits in various ways, especially those related to digital data. A.I can be a tremendous help for office